The Winery

Vitkin Winery is a family boutique winery considered to be the pioneer of Mediterranean wines in the Israeli wine industry as a result of our expertise in producing original wines from varieties that have not realized their potential. You will discover wines from veteran and forgotten, new and unique varieties as well as a range of unusual blends.
Today, after establishing its status, the winery continues its research and development into new varieties such as Grenache Blanc, Roussanne, Marselan and some more surprises we have in waiting.
The winery produces wines in three series: the Vitkin premium series which is comprised of varietal wines, the Israeli Journey blend series and of course Shorashim (Roots) the winery’s superior flagship series.
As a result of its uniqueness Vitkin Winery enjoys a special status amongst wine lovers in Israel.
From its early beginnings the winery has accumulated numerous medals and awards in a wide range of local and international wine competitions.

The Beginning

Doron fell in love in Italy with Italian wine, Assaf travelled to France to learn wine-making and Sharona started to draw up plans……

The harvest of 2001. A small quantity of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes serve as an experimental “trial run” with everything from the harvest to the bottling being done by hand.
This successful and highly acclaimed experiment led to the acquisition of advanced wine-making equipment and the work started in earnest.
Tours of wineries in France and Italy helped Sharona prepare the renovation plans for the old cowshed which had been built by Doron’s grandparents – amongst the first settlers in Kfar Vitkin – and turned it into the winery’s first location. We had started our journey.

The Family

Doron Belogolovsky
A grandson of founders of Kfar Vitkin, he grew up in nearby Michmoret and combines his love of the sea and wine, which according to Greek mythology came into the world together. In recent years Doron, who is married to Sharona, became a vintner as well. As an autodidact he is constantly learning from courses, books and his work in the family winery. Doron has “golden hands” and was responsible for the construction of the infrastructures of the new winery. He also builds all the furniture for the visitors center, mostly from our old wine barrels and other recycled materials.

Assaf Paz
Assaf began his career as a pastry chef and studied food engineering at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He continued his MA studies in wine-making in France where he was the first Israeli to study in the Faculty of Wine in Bordeaux followed by training internships at wineries in France, California and Australia. As winemaker at Vitkin he continues to experiment with small batches to produce unique flavors and original wines. Assaf is Sharona’s brother.

Sharona Paz-Belogolovsky
As an architect, after researching wineries worldwide, Sharona designed both the first winery and recently, the new winery and visitors center. She is the CEO of the winery and is responsible for everything not directly connected with the wine production process including general management, marketing, contact with customers and suppliers, packaging, branding and design.

The Visitors Center

Vitkin Winery with its on-site Visitors Center is situated between vineyards, fields and orchards, close to the Alexander Nature Reserve and the Turtle Bridge. You will be able to enjoy a variety of wine experiences in a pastoral ambiance.
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The Vineyards

The Vitkin Winery vineyards are planted in Kfar Vitkin and throughout Israel, from the Jerusalem Mountains and Karmei Yosef in the south, through Zichron Yaakov in the center to the Golan Heights and the Upper Galilee in the north, a literal Israeli Journey.
The winery works in close cooperation with our growers and maintains full and continuous control of all the details and stages of the agricultural process in our vineyards.
A wide range of grape varieties and vineyard locations enables the winery to extend the harvest season over three months to maximise the attention and the care given to the grapes that go into our wines.
This is a journey of a pure agricultural nature, inspired by our late great-grandmother Miriam Ruttenberg who used to work in our first vineyards, pulling out the weeds with her bare hands. Miriam was a true farmer who passed away in 2008, aged 98-years-old.

The Approach

“We strive to create Israeli wines with an exotic yet local unique character that are suitable for the Israeli temperament and climate”.
In order to realize our vision of Mediterranean wines, Vitkin Winery is committed to only producing wines from unique and overlooked varieties, without ABCM (Anything But Cabernet sauvignon, Merlot and Chardonnay) the widely-used international grapes. In our wines you will find the fascinating Carignan alongside the powerful Petite Sirah, the ancient Grenache, the elegant Cabernet Franc and others. Together and as single varietals they produce a range of original wines and surprising blends.